Center of Focus for Feb. 20

Focus on our Fabulous Staff... more


Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Representative Valdez

I am writing this letter to thank Representative Donald Valdez. In this time of hyper political divisions amongst parties, it is refreshing to have a State Representative that will listen to his constituents and vote in a nonpartisan manner when it is the right thing to do.... more


Letter to the Editor: ‘We the People’

Congress should have term limits, but they will not make it happen, so “We the People” must do it.... more

Trout Republic: I’ve got a secret

Before we get to the “meat” of this week’s column I have to at least touch on Valentine’s Day and how Ol’ Dutch out did himself once again for Miss Trixie. You see most men take their beloved out for a steak dinner and Miss Trixie loves a good rare steak like no one else. ... more