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  • Town ponders next move after clerk revelations

    CENTER — Following the departure of Town Clerk and Treasurer Joan Mobley last week, the town of Center is mulling over what it can do to find a suitable town manager and clerk to better secure their financial future.

  • Old Center water tower a hazard

    CENTER — Town Project Manager and Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer David Mahaffie informed Center Town Board Monday that the old Center water tower, once the new water tank is online, will become a safety hazard and has to go.

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Annual clinic draws 180 needing eye care

CENTER — Valley-Wide Health Systems hosted their annual eye clinic At Cesar Chavez Clinic in Center this past Friday and Saturday, providing service to about 180 patients.

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    7/19 classifieds

    05 Notices WE BUY ANTLERS: 5 miles west of Del Norte on US 160 at Elk Ranch. 719-657-0942. (8/2 TFN) SACKETTS: Sam Elliott, Jeff Osterhage, Tom Selleck, Terence Hill, Whoopi Goldbert. FIND ME! Puppy Chow 8/2)