President Biden deserves our support


It’s been stunning to see the speed with which hardballs have been thrown at President Biden since his 2021 inauguration.

He’s been hit with attacks on the legitimacy of his Presidency, an insurrection before his inauguration, a continuing pandemic, consistent misinformation on social media platforms, highly negative media coverage, a withdrawal from Afghanistan that did not go smoothly, severe global supply chain problems, rising energy prices, high inflation, high levels of partisanship in Congress that are slowing and stopping his goals, and uniform Republican opposition to just about everything he proposes, with help from Senators Manchin and Sinema. Add to that now the tragedies unfolding in Ukraine.

Throughout the negativity and naysaying about President Biden’s performance, I continue to see primarily positive effects of his leadership. COVID vaccines have been made widely available, though there are still too many unvaccinated people. He’s gotten an infrastructure bill passed after many years of dithering by Congress and the past president. Were it not for the blockades put up by Manchin and Sinema, it is likely he would have gotten major social infrastructure and climate legislation passed by now. He is poised to raise to the Supreme Court the first black woman — now, that is a big deal. He has brought NATO and EU countries together to try to slow and stop Russia’s push to take over Ukraine, a country with a democratically elected President.

Yes, there is still much undone — immigration, strong climate legislation, and much more. But we are still early in his presidency. He deserves our support. A small part of that will come from me.

Marianna Young

Monte Vista