Back to the old grindstone

Miss Trixie and I have arrived back at our digs in Colorful Colorado safe and sound albeit not without some struggle. Of course, it's like that with most things in life and so a person can only keep moving forward and work through things as they come.

We had quite a fiasco with a new set of tires but since we had gotten them at a National Chain store, they readily replaced them with no complaint and that was heaven-sent, let me tell you what. It did entail a trip to Durango, but we had a great day together and saw upwards of 200 elk on the return trip which is always exciting for us.

This past week also found Ol’ Dutch and Miss Trixie out fishing, and I believe it's probably been the most exciting time I have ever experienced. We caught fish on almost every cast on our flies and returned them unhurt to the crystal-clear waters of the streams. And best of all is that Miss Trixie is more than able to tie on her own flies and take off her own fish which in Ol’ Dutch’s book is prime material for marriage. Or something like that.

Since we got here some ten days ago, we have tried to jam as much fun into those days including a trip to the wonderful Amish bakery and stores that populate the area, a trip to Creede and seeing old friends.

And, boy, have they all aged a ton unlike Ol’ Dutch who maintains his handsome youthfulness. Well, maybe not so much but at least my pictures online are not from my high school yearbook like many of the friends I do have.

But starting this week both Miss Trixie and I are going to be working for Mountain Man Rafting in South Fork delivering people up and down the river for rafting trips. Miss Trixie did this last year and her stories of great friends there and meeting hundreds of new people from all over the U.S. was enough to get Ol’ Dutch on board for the season and so it's back to work I go after a nice 15-year hiatus from such things.

Someone said that a person should find a job they love and that if they do, they will never work a day in their life but will enjoy each day. And I cannot imagine anything better than spending the day with people having fun along the beautiful Rio Grande River.

In all my years of living I have never tired of the drive between South Fork and Creede and so I do look forward to a daily dose of such medicine for my soul as I get to see the water below and the lofty palisade rocks above the scenic road.

Last year Miss Trixie shared her knowledge of the area with the guests as she interacted with them, and people really appreciated getting to know the area better. Living in the middle of the largest volcanic explosion to ever have occurred on earth here in South Fork gives her a lot of history to share about the mountains as currently seen as well as the mineralization that brought about the mining booms in the area.

I believe it's probably one of the least advertised assets that our area has and people seem to be a little more than interested in our ever-changing earth story.

So, it's Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho it's off to work I go, and that phrase made famous by some little folks that it's not politically correct to mention for some reason.

If you get a chance, come, and take a raft ride, hiking or rock climbing trip with Mountain Man Rafting in beautiful South Fork, Colorado this summer. And while you are there stop at 8200 Mountain Sports next door and find out all about the fishing in the area and connect with some tasty cold-water trout just waiting for you in the area waters.

Kevin Kirkpatrick and his Yorkie, Cooper, fish, hunt, ATV, or hike daily. His email is [email protected]. Additional news can be found at