T-Road Brewing Company and Nick Nevares host Community Thanksgiving Dinner


Courtesy photos Nick Nevares collaborated with T-Road Brewing Company in Crestone for a community Thanksgiving potluck meal on Nov. 19. Approximately 500 people attended the community Thanksgiving potluck on Nov. 19 at T-Road Brewing Company in Crestone.

CRESTONE — On Sunday, Nov. 19, the T-Road Brewing Company along with Crestone’s Nick Nevares, hosted a community Thanksgiving potluck meal, from 12 to 5 p.m. According to Nevares, the event was a success with approximately 500 people showing up for Thanksgiving dinner.

“I coordinated around 30 turkeys to be cooked,” Nevares said. “My local MLS donated money, and a variety of other people donated money to the Crestone Mercantile, and then they gave us the turkeys for wholesale. The remainder of the food was all potluck, so people just brought in the rest of the spread. It was all lovely.”

T-Road Brewing Company was decked out with festive lights outside of the establishment. Just inside the door, the smell of freshly cooked turkey wafted through the air. A large table was set up in front of some bar stools, that held trays full of turkey. Two tables were set up next to the turkey table that had rolls and sweet potatoes. On the counter directly across from the turkey, were cups, plates, forks and spoons along with trays of mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin and pecan pies, whip cream, and other desserts.

There were numerous tables for dining inside the establishment, with centerpieces made of fall leaves and pinecones, and some were adorned with a pear in the middle. On the corner of the tables, there was a large lit Christmas tree, with multicolored lights. There were also tables outside with large white tablecloths and chairs. A person played the piano that was inside the brewery.

People were lined up smiling and laughing, as they entered T-Road to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. Children played outside.

Crestone resident Lori Sunflower said it was a great time.

“Everyone has been happy that has come in. The people here are just talking and enjoying the food,” she said.

Many people also gave thanks to Nevares for collaborating with the T-Road Brewing Company on the wonderful event. Last year, fed more than 600 people at the Thanksgiving potluck.