Swartz announces candidacy for Saguache County Treasurer

SAGUACHE COUNTY — In an email to the Center Post-Dispatch, Regina Swartz announced her candidacy for the position of Saguache County Treasurer/Public Trustee.

“I, Regina Swartz am announcing my candidacy for Saguache County Treasurer/Public Trustee. It has been a truly fulfilling experience working for the Treasurer’s office for the last 8 years. Prior to being appointed as the County Treasurer/Public Trustee, I held the position of Chief Deputy Treasurer for 3 years.

"I am proficient in all areas of the Treasurer’s office. The Office of County Treasurer has the responsibility for the collection, custody, and distribution of County funds as well as all investments and budgetary obligations.

"The office is also responsible for maintaining the records of all financial payments issued and received in the County. Along with the duties of Treasurer, I would also serve as Saguache County Public Trustee.

"I will be responsible for all foreclosures filed within the County, as well as the processing of Releases of Deeds of Trusts. As County Treasurer/Public Trustee, I will adopt policies to meet the needs of the ever-evolving statutes and applicable government laws.

"I will continue to serve the County in the most efficient, and secure manner possible. I look forward to continuing to serve Saguache County as Treasurer/Public Trustee,” stated Swartz.

Last month, Connie Trujillo announced her resignation from the position. In that announcement, Trujillo asked the County Commissioners to appoint Swartz to her position, who at the time was Chief Deputy Treasurer.

Swartz is currently in charge of the Saguache Treasurer's Office. The office handles tax lien sales, property tax payments (not assessments), foreclosure sales, and some other important record-keeping duties.