Saguache County Museum celebrates 65 years


Photo by Marie Mccolm The Antique Tractor Club pulls a barrel train in the parade on May 26 celebrating the Saguache County Museum’s 65th anniversary. Antique cars were parked in Otto Mears Park during the Saguache County Museum’s 65th anniversary celebration on May 26.

SAGUACHE – The Saguache County Museum opened its doors, with a free admission day on May 26 in celebration of its 65 years of being open.

A parade was hosted in downtown Saguache and featured many floats and vehicles. The Saguache Chamber of Commerce drove an ATV in the parade, with members of the Saguache Art Walk on a trailer in the back, smiling and waving happily.

The Saguache County Ambulance blinked their lights and drove in the parade, followed by a red station wagon which proudly adorned a sign that read “Saguache Senior Citizen's Center,” across the passenger side.

The Antique Tractor Club was also a hit in the parade with a barrel train hitched to a tractor.

Grammy’s Kitchen had a colorful float in the parade, decked out with balloons and a gentleman wearing a white apron, who smiled and waved at all the people who lined the street for the parade.

There were also a few prancing horses in the parade, and the Garcia brothers of Center also displayed their antique cars in the parade proudly. Two law enforcement trucks blinking their lights were the final entrants of the parade.

In lieu of the museum's celebration, there were also vendors in the middle of town at Otto Mears Park. There were vendors selling handmade jewelry. The Saguache quilting club was also set up at the park, along with an entire canopy filled with goat milk products for sale. The Garcia brothers also set up all their antique cars at the park, they were arranged in a big circle at the park.

The Saguache Musuem opened shortly after 10 a.m. and people were eager to visiting its different hallways filled with historic items.

Lane Ellis, a resident of Mosca, attended the opening at the museum and stated that it was nice to see something so rich in history, so well preserved.

“These days there are tours being held online for museums and virtually, it's hard to visit something in person that is so well preserved. My favorite part of this museum is the jail. It’s hard to fathom someone being put in that jail, but from what I hear, that is the actual jail, that has been here for 65 years, and it did house criminals,” she said with a chuckle. “I am glad I came today; this is a neat part of history that I get to see and enjoy, and you don’t get that every day.” 

The Saguache County Museum began in 1959 as a municipal improvement venture, in celebration of Colorado’s Centennial Anniversary. Saguache County had just finished building a brand-new jail, and the old one was set to be demolished. Members of three different clubs who collaborated on the idea for the museum, begged Saguache County not to demolish the jail, so that the site could be used as a “historical place.” The establishment was saved and became the Saguache County Museum. It was collaboratively decided that the little museum would be opened as a celebrated display of history, in Saguache Town Hall.

The museum is celebrating 65 years this year. Volunteers make up the board of directors for the museum. The museum is completely non-profit and is also separate from the Saguache County government.

The museum opens annually on Memorial Day and closes for the season on Labor Day.