Rio Grande County Administrator resigns

RIO GRANDE COUNTY — Rio Grande County Administrator Craig Barraclough resigned last week due to “unreconcilable differences”, according to a statement by the Rio Grande County Board of Commissioners.

Commissioners stated it was an amicable decision by all involved. Barraclough had been with the county since July of 2021.

Rio Grande County Board Chairman Gene Glover stated, “We accepted Mr. Barraclough’s resignation due to unreconcilable differences. No one did anything wrong, we just couldn’t come to an agreement on how the board and Mr. Barraclough envisioned the county moving forward.”

The board is looking to hire a new administrator and wants to find someone that fits the vision the board has for the future of Rio Grande County. 

Rio Grande County has experienced some turnover in its leadership over the past five years.

Barraclough also issued a statement.

“It’s very unfortunate that it didn’t work out for either me or the board,” he stated. “There are some truly talented and devoted staff and leaders at the county, and they deserve a solid, stable administration. I sincerely hope that someday the board finds what they’re looking for.”