Planning commission to review new pot grows

SAGUACHE — The Saguache County Planning Commission (SCPC) will meet on Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Road and Bridge Building to consider three new marijuana grow proposals for the county and reconsider a contentious grow application in the Ewing Estates subdivision.
They also will approve the revision of and additions to the existing marijuana regulations.
Agenda items include Ewing Ranch 83 Trust, landowner/THC, Inc. applicant – Conditional Use request, marijuana cultivation area – Lot 83 Ewing Ranch – 26758 Hammond Ave, (old business). This is the grow adjacent to the property of Shiloh Jackman and Mischa Vining-Doyle, who were featured last week on a Denver Channel 7 news special by reporter Jace Larson.
The couple has repeatedly stated they were not properly notified the grow would be erected next to their property. They told Larson last week that months before the grow was approved, they spent a great deal of money on drilling a well and building a road to what they hoped would be their new home site. Jackman told Larson he would never have purchased the 35-acre parcel if he had known a grow would be allowed on the adjoining property.
Significant irregularities have been cited regarding the proposed Barkl grow next to Jackman and Vining-Doyle. Many have objected to the continued review of grow applications despite the marijuana moratorium. Despite objections by those attending, commissioners decided at the time the moratorium was passed as a resolution that those applications already submitted prior to the resolution’s passage would proceed forward, to prevent any financial loss for potential growers.
During their regular session last Tuesday, commissioners extended the marijuana moratorium until August.
These additional grows will be considered at the meeting:
• GHG, LLC/Dunlap – Conditional Use modification request – E1/2 Lot 7 2-43-8 – 17505 Co. Rd. 52 - additional four temporary hoop houses (modification of a previously approved grow);
• Summitt Resources, LLC, landowner/Otocanna, LLC applicant – Conditional Use request – marijuana cultivation area and products manufacturing - SE1/4SW1/4 28-43-9 – 55252 Tava Road;
• Jinfeng Liang, landowner/JFD, LLC, applicant – Conditional Use request – marijuana cultivation area – SE1/4NE1/4 33-42-10 – 61997 Co. Rd. G;
• Zhuoyu Ling, landowner/Golden Leaf MIP, LLC, applicant – Conditional Use request – marijuana cultivation area - E1/2NE1/4 33-42-10 – 61995 Co. Rd. G
The following post was recently made to the home page for the Saguache County website:
“The Saguache County Land Use Office is now requiring an appointment for any conditional use [or] variance request which includes marijuana variance requests. This allows the land use office to review all applications for correct information and additional information that may be required. To make an appointment with the Land Use Office, …call 719-655-2321 or come by at 501 4th Street, Saguache, CO 81149.”

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