Mountain Valley School District chooses new mascot — Wolves

The four options for a new mascot for Mountain Valley School District.

SAGUACHE — Mountain Valley School District has a new mascot — the Wolves.

On Feb. 15, the school district’s Board of Education held its regular meeting. On the agenda was the selection of a new mascot for Mountain Valley Schools in Saguache. The original mascot — the Indians — was deemed inappropriate under Colorado Statue. Senate Bill 21-116 was signed into law on June 28, 2021, by Gov. Jared Polis.

According to Mountain Valley School District, “The act prohibits the use of American Indian mascots by public schools, including charter and institute charter schools, and public institutions of higher education as of June 1, 2022. The act imposes a fine of $25,000 per month for each month that a public school continues to use a mascot after such date, payable to the state education fund.”

American Indian mascot refers to any name, image or symbol that refers to any tribe that is used as a nickname, logo, mascot, or team name. Since the current mascot was unacceptable under S.B. 21-116, the district asked for input from the community, students and teachers as to what the mascot should be.

The choices of mascot were Mavericks, Bison, Wolves and Mammoths. The top student choice was Wolves, the top community choice was Mavericks, and the top staff choice was Bison. The Board voted first on the name Mavericks, which did not pass. The second vote was to name the mascot the Wolves. The vote for Wolves passed. The mascot graphics and other logistics will be set at a later date.