Moffat Volunteer FD to host a Cajun Boil and Silent Auction

Courtesy photo The Moffat Volunteer Fire Department is excited to host an upcoming Cajun Boil and Silent Auction on June 8.

MOFFAT – The Moffat Volunteer Fire Department is excited to host an upcoming Cajun Boil and Silent Auction on June 8, from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Fire Station, 430 Reynolds Ave.

The event has become an annual favorite and will feature the ever-popular Cajun boil chock full of sausage and seafood. As an alternative to seafood this year attendees can also enjoy Cajun blackened chicken with savory red beans and delectable rice. Families are encouraged to bring their children. The fire department will be serving some tasty macaroni and cheese for all ages.

Moffat Volunteer Fire Department Capt. Sam Eastman is excited about the upcoming boil and spoke about it.

“We are going to have a lot of different events going on at the Boil,” Eastman said. “We are excited to have everyone come out and join us. We want everyone to have fun. It’s not going to be an event where you just come and eat. We are going to have small indoor games. We will have a silent auction going on. We are going to have music. There will be door prizes given out. We have something for everyone. We are going to be serving up some great food too.”

Eastman said the boil is for a good cause and will help their growing fire department.

“We are trying to raise funds right now to get some new equipment,” Eastman said. “We are looking at getting new personal equipment, new hand tools.  A lot of the gear that we have is getting to the point where it is outdated. Being in Saguache County, we don’t necessarily have all the funding to obtain the new equipment that we need. We really rely heavily on the fundraisers that we have.”

Eastman stated that a year ago, they had three people in the department.

“This year we have grown from three people to 10 people,” Eastman said. “We are trying to keep building the department too. We are also trying to find more volunteers for the fire department.”

Eastman stated that the department was established in 1977. Eastman’s father Bill, who is the current Fire Chief, has 38 years of experience working with different fire departments. Eastman stated that the department is also a part of the northern Saguache County Fire District.

“We help with Saguache fires, Villa Grove Fires, Crestone Fires. We help with a lot of different fires. When we get called out, all of us go too,” Eastman said.

Eastman stated that part of the department is also medical certified, and all the firefighters in Moffat are also EMR certified as of January, which is just a step below EMT certified.

Eastman stated, “We are also looking forward to hopefully having a med unit based in Moffat within the next year too.”

Eastman stated that he is really looking forward to the boil and he hopes that enough people attend that they run out of food.

“It would be great to run out of food,” Eastman said. “You know, this is also for the community too, a chance for everyone to get together. Along with the food, we have also had some great donations from different places. We got a set of Vortex Binoculars donated from Valley Gun Shop in Monte Vista. Good Speed donated a $50 coupon. Bobolicious Coffee is donating coffee and some gift baskets. Lots of other great stuff too. We appreciate all the donations. There’s going to be great door prizes. We really hope everyone will come out. We will be holding the boil at the Fire Station.”

For more information, visit the Moffat Volunteer Fire Department’s Facebook Page or contact the Moffat Volunteer Fire Department at 719-256-4225.