Moffat trustees push infrastructure

MOFFAT — More than two dozen residents attended the Moffat Town Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, July 19, to hear about housing, budgets, excise tax procedures, grants, and codes under review. During the public comment period, residents requested better traffic signage in town, better noxious weed control, and a rebirth of the town’s planning commission.

A former member of the town’s planning board requested rejuvenating the group and volunteered to be on it. She also invited all the trustees, the mayor, and the residents of Moffat to meet in Ralph Mitchell Park at 6:30 on the night of July 27 for a “Building Bridges” barbecue and discussion about the town’s future.

Many of the topics on the agenda revealed missing pieces of the Moffat puzzle. Mayor Cassandra Foxx said she received one resume for the open treasurer position, and Trustee Ken Skoglund encouraged pursuing the candidate quickly. The fee schedule discussion had to be curtailed, for example, because it required a treasurer’s expertise.

Like many towns, infrastructure projects in Moffat need grant funding. Managing grants also require reporting and administration, and the timing over the life of a grant often conflicts with immediate needs.

The big-ticket items on the meeting agenda included water and meter reports, as well as options proposed for water treatment. But the discussion had to be rescheduled for next week’s meeting.

Under new business, the topic of water trickled back into the conversation. Trustees and fire managers would like to see one or two wells drilled and dedicated to the fire department.

Members of the Northern Saguache County Fire District described how all agencies respond to a call, but the territory is so vast that surrounding fire districts also respond.

For example, Sargents is another town within the district. But a drive over the Continental Divide takes time. Agencies in Gunnison County can be the first responders.

In addition to drilling one or two new wells to meet fire management needs in Moffat, a storage tower would allow trucks to refill without leaving town. Although the master plan for water usage discussion was postponed, the vulnerability remains.

Skoglund suggested breaking down parts of the master plan, requesting bids, and prioritizing projects immediately. Similarly, Skoglund suggested improving roads along school bus routes before fixing other streets.

Light pollution also received attention during the meeting. Mayor Foxx noted how the requirements for Dark Sky designation are a challenge, but they could also address lighting issues through an ordinance.