Moffat Trustees discuss future water discussions

Photo by Patrick Shea Moffat Mayor Cassandra Foxx and Town Clerk Nina Magee connected online with water attorney Megan Gutwein during their Town Board meeting on Jan. 3. The Moffat Town Board discussed well water projects and licensing issues during their meeting on Jan. 3, prompting more questions than answers (and adding more working sessions to address the issues).

MOFFAT — During their meeting on Jan. 3, the Moffat Board of Trustees scheduled a work session to better prepare for the legal and logistical questions they face with state-mandated water requirements. As the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) applies pressure, attorneys representing Area 420 and the Town of Moffat will look into alternatives for coming into compliance.

While water law attorney Megan Gutwein fielded a few questions online, Ann Bunting attended the meeting in person to clarify key points.

Bunting has data and a deep understanding of the town’s wells. At issue is Well Number 5, a well shared by Area 420 and the town with connections to other wells. Recorded levels of lead, copper, and other contaminants require mitigation.

Gutwein emphasized her legal knowledge and deferred to engineering experts for implementation.

“As I understand it,” Gutwein explained, “there are a couple potential solutions. One idea is to try to connect several wells through a distribution system so they can run through one treatment plant. From a legal perspective, that idea would work just fine.”

Trustees agreed to meet again on Jan. 17 to formulate questions and plan more  — legally and logistically.

Before the water presentation, Town Attorney Seth Walker reported information about the new Colorado law requiring payment for plastic bags. Implementation varies across the state, and Walker has questions about the plastic bag fee. What would the town like to do? How would they determine penalties and enforce them?

“Some municipalities follow the letter of the law,” Walker explained. “They have increased penalties. They have increased the bag fee in municipalities. Some places are more hands-off.”

For the sake of administration, Walker added, “I would at least recommend some type of resolution or an ordinance that would incorporate how these funds are to be used. There are five categories for how these funds can be spent.”

Walker noted how they should plan for treasury management.

In addition to researching the software system that trustees approved buying toward the close of the meeting, Town Clerk Nina Magee also completed her training and became a Notary Public. As soon as her stamp arrives, she can begin providing this service at Moffat Town Hall.

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