Lazy K-V Estates addressing problems

LAZY K-V ESTATES — Since Lazy K-V Estates Homeowners Association president Mae Folsom took over in 2021 after the previous president resigned, neglected maintenance and other problems with the HOA have received attention.

A property owner for more than 22 years, Folsom watched the decline and has helped engineer improvements.

“Right now, we’re just trying to get our infrastructure fixed up,” Folsom said. “Everything had been ignored. The changes in the past year have been pretty good.”

Crews started with well house renovations, and they installed two new holding tanks and put in another pump.

“But no one bothered to upgrade the electrical. One day there was a big bang,” Folsom explained. “It was the breaker on the pole.”

Fortunately, an electrician came from the Royal Gorge area and fixed the problem in four hours. The electrician returned within a week to install a new pump and make other costly repairs to pass inspection.

Folsom noted how the covenants have not really changed since initially drafted in 1973. Working with the HOA attorney, they posted a redline version for review.

The Lazy K-V Estates HOA board includes five members who meet on the second Tuesday of every month at the HOA Hall next to the lake. The traditional start time of 5 p.m. might be moved until later, so attendees should confirm first — 719-256-4022.

Folsom said she will be president for one year and then be up for election.

“I don’t want to be there forever,” Folsom noted. “I’m not getting any younger. I would love to have some of these younger people. We have two younger people now, and I’m delighted. It would be nice to get some of these younger people moving in.”