Haskin Preschool class has Mommy and Me Tea for Mother’s Day


Courtesy photos Haskin Elementary Preschool had a Mommy and Me Tea for Mother’s Day. The children made special presents for their moms.

CENTER – On Wednesday, May 8, Diana Chaparro and Raelynn Beiriger’s Haskin Elementary Preschool class hosted a Mommy and Me Tea Party. All mommies were invited to attend the event with their students.

The party provided everyone with their choice of breakfast items, including donuts, coffee, and orange juice. Chaparro said the event was a success and fun.

“The kids really enjoyed the time with their mom’s. They got to eat breakfast and spend time with them. It was a really cute party,” she said.

Chaparro said the children also made their moms special presents. The presents were a picture of their hands that the kids cut out and put on a canvas. Their hands were holding a bouquet of flowers.

“The bouquets were cute. We announced each of the kids one by one, and one by one they gave their mother’s their gifts and said Happy Mother’s Day to them. The pictures were so cute; they were holding flowers and the kids got to write on the pictures. They wrote messages of ‘I love you’ or whatever they wanted to write. The mothers really enjoyed them, and the kids were excited about giving out the gifts to their moms,” she said.

Chaparro also said that during breakfast the mothers read a questionnaire about them from their children.

“We gave the students some questions about their moms. We asked them how old their moms are, what their mom’s favorite food is, what their moms like to do, what do you hear most from mom. The answers were so funny. Some of the students stated that their moms were 80 years old. It was so silly and cute. The mothers laughed and the kids laughed with them also,” she said.

Chaparro said this is the first year that they have had the Mommy and Me Tea Party since she has been at the preschool. Chaparro has worked for the preschool for seven years, and said it was nice to have the parents enjoy the classroom with their kids.

“I remember that period of COVID when we couldn’t host events at all. It was nice to have the parents come in with their kids, and it was special for them to come in and have breakfast with the kids,” she said.

Chaparro said she is looking forward to having more events with parents this year.

“We love having our parents’ involvement in the classroom, and it was a really good turnout. I want to thank all the parents for coming and making this special for their kids. We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. I also want to thank my co-teacher Raelynn for all her help with the event too. We are a team, and it was a great event for the kids,” she said.