Everyone wins at CPD, CFD fundraiser basketball game


Photos by Mechel Meek The Center Police and Fire departments played a charity basketball game on May 8 at Center High School. The proceeds were donated to victims of the Monte Vista Fire.

CENTER — The Center Police Department and the Center Fire Department met at the Center High School gym to entertain the crowd and to raise money on Sunday, May 8, for the victims of the recent fire in Monte Vista.

The game started with a bang as CFD rode to the gym with full lights and sirens.

The CPD team and the CFD team were well matched, and the game was back and forth throughout.

In the last few minutes of the second half, CPD managed to put on the pressure, stealing the ball, causing turnovers and scoring in a mad rush to beat CFD 68-63.

According to CPD Chief Dale Meek, “The firefighters made it interesting but went down like a maple bacon doughnut to the police! We raised $500 and had a blast doing it. I appreciate our volunteers jumping in to help and thank you to all those who showed up to support those affected by the fire in Monte Vista.”

The game was well attended by the Center community, with over 50 in attendance, not counting the numerous volunteers.

Volunteers staffed the donation table, concessions, refereed the game and cleaned up the gym. As a result of the generous donations of food, time and use of the gym, all money raised was donated with none needed to cover the costs of the event.