Escaped prisoner from Saguache County Jail still at-large

Kara Eddy

SAGUACHE — Valley law enforcement continues to look for a Saguache woman who escaped from the Saguache County Jail on Nov. 19.

At around 7:55 p.m. on Friday, Kara Eddy, 32, escaped from the Saguache County Jail while being held in custody on an outstanding warrant.

According to the Center Police Department Chief Dale Meek, “Sgt. Fresquez and on-duty officers additionally assisted Saguache County with an escaped female, Kara Eddy of Moffat. A K-9 tracked Kara to an area where we believe she received assistance to leave the immediate area from another person. The search for Kara is still active so if you have any information, please contact CPD or the Saguache County Sheriff's Office.”

Meek explained that the Saguache County Jail is the second-oldest jail in the state of Colorado. The jail was originally designed as a residence, and while it has been remodeled several times it is not up to modern jail facility standards. The string of escapes from the aging facility underlines a severe community safety aspect of using the facility to hold prisoners.

The need for a new jail has been discussed by the Saguache County Commissioners at various times throughout the year during their meetings. “There are ongoing efforts to build a new jail and the Saguache County Commissioners have a New Jail Committee that is pushing to expedite the process," Chief Meek said.  "I am part of that committee and all of us, unanimously, are moving the process along quickly as possible so grants can be written to match funds set forth by the County Commissioners. The Commissioners may be holding a meeting on November 30th about the jail.”

At this time, Eddy is still at-large and if you see her or have any information regarding Eddy’s whereabouts the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office asks that you notify law enforcement.

Information about upcoming Saguache County Commissioners meetings can be viewed on the County website.