Confusion still lingers on Saguache board resignations

SAGUACHE — A clarification was circulated Monday by the Town of Saguache regarding an article posted on the Valley Publishing Facebook page last week addressing the recent resignations of several Saguache trustees. But conflicting stories continue to circulate regarding the timing and the circumstances surrounding the resignations.
Saguache Town Administrator Pamela Fye issued the following press release Monday afternoon:
“The Town of Saguache would like the citizens to know it is business as usual at town hall. We would like to correct statements made in the article that appeared in the Center Post Dispatch on-line on Friday, July 21, 2017.
“There has been no meeting of the board involving any town trustees walking out. At the July 11, 2017 regularly scheduled board meeting, a special session was tentatively scheduled for July 24, 2017 with the sole purpose to discuss/review/approve past minutes. This meeting was never posted and did not take place.
“Mayor Terrell stated, “All of my actions and the direction of the Board have been approved by vote, or consensus of the board, and with the input of the citizens at open meetings.”
“Mayor Terrell received the resignations of four trustees on Friday, May Engquist, Wyoma Hansen, Janice Torrez, and Amber Wilson. The reason cited was “due to unforeseen chain of events.” However, none of the departing trustees have contacted the mayor or the town attorney prior to or after their resignations.
“Mayor Terrell wants to assure the citizens that the business of the town will continue to move forward.”
Conflicting reports
Different versions of the story that do not support what is stated in the press release have circulated since Saturday. Two sources close to the town board insist the resignations did take place at the July 11 meeting attended by the Center Post-Dispatch reporter, but occurred after the reporter left.
When inquiring about the resignations, one source told the reporter the resignations occurred “at a meeting.” A second source later confirmed it was the July 11 meeting. According to yet another source, one board member was not even initially aware of the resignations.
Some Saguache residents have hinted that the resignations could have something to do with the fact that in the past several months, two town clerks have resigned their positions. Others believe it is possibly a problem of conflicting views regarding how to handle potential growth in the town and the importance and weight of citizen input in making these and other decisions.
The board currently does not have the quorum necessary to call a meeting. It is not known if Mayor Greg Terrell will accept the resignations or not. When one town board member was asked if those resigning were consulting an attorney, s/he replied “No comment.”
Terrell did not return invitations to contact the Center Post-Dispatch by press time.
**Editor’s note: There was nothing posted on Center Post Dispatch online on Friday, July 21. There was a paragraph posted on the Valley Publishing Facebook page on Saturday, July 22 at 8:38 p.m.

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