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Center Schools Update

I would like to compliment Center High School staff for their professionalism and hard work on Friday. It is my belief that we will continue to work hard to benefit our students. With our support, ALL students can achieve at high levels and be successful in life.
I would like to report to the community about our recent PLC (Professional Learning Communities) days for the middle/high school. As the high school principal, we continue to advocate that we (Center) can learn from each other. Each time we have had a PLC day, the BLT (Building Leadership Team) has been very intentional on creating a productive agenda that will improve instruction. Our BLT has created learning targets and essential questions that are geared toward our continual improvement. Our agendas are tight, aligned and structured to increase academic achievement. 
This past Friday, we finished our 10-chapter book study, and I appreciate the format Ms. Hayes used to increase knowledge. The book is called “Creating Cultures of Thinking.” We have had periodic leaders drive the book study, with intentional lessons that were created from Center staff members. The lesson was to increase “thinking” in our classes and offer a variety of tools that teachers can use for instruction. We created effective ways to support our new teachers for improvement. We like to think we are building a culture of effective learning and we love that our PLC are working! Please feel free to offer feedback for improvement at our next PLC on Jan. 19, 2018. Our shared leadership protocol is continual to learning and following our core beliefs.
I want to thank Lucinda, Anna, Ruthie and Luis for attending the diversity conference in Denver. I hear the conference was excellent, and we are hoping these professionals will help us continue our need to understand our varied differences and cultural experiences.
Our continual essential question is this: How do we build a culture of THINKING in every classroom and how do we know if this is happening?
 Have a great week!


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