Town administrator reviews projects

CENTER — Town Administrator Brian Lujan opened the Center Town Board meeting Tuesday with a review of the projects the town was engaged in before he was hired last month.

He began by informing trustees that he had spoken with the individual who designed the veteran’s wall for Casa Blanca Park and discovered that the bricks for the wall will actually stick out after being placed. This will result in an unattractive monument, Lujan says, one he is not pleased with and will not pursue.

“We need to cut our losses on this,” he advised the board. “If it looks like trash it will be treated like trash. Our veterans deserve better.”

He suggested the wall should be overlaid with granite and veterans’ names be etched into the granite on site. This is how many other veteran’s monuments are constructed, he explained. But “It is going to be costly,” he cautioned.

The current wall also needs to be repaired, as water collects at its base and will eventually erode the structure. He also suggested putting lights up that would shine on the wall. Lujan said he will get some estimates on the granite and get back with the board.

Lujan told the board he has spoken with the utility supervisor and project manager and they recommended the town should order the transformers needed for the utility project now as orders take a long time to be filled. The town won’t be billed for the purchase until February. Thirteen transformers are needed to complete the project at a cost of $89,072.

Another project on the books is the purchase of energy saving light bulbs for town street lights. The town should make sure the money for this is in the 2018 budget, Lujan said. The lights, which will cost $14,960, can be ordered after Dec. 1 and will not be billed to the town until sometime in January.

A remodel for the town’s evidence room also is recommended for security reasons. The new room will cost $1,000.

The police department has suggested the town build a high fence around the current impound and evidence lot to protect the area. The low bid for the fencing came in at $14,295.

The town has received a bid for $67,500 to tear down the old water tower once the new tower is up and running. Some commented that this is a good price. Mary McClure questioned, however, if the old tower could still be saved since it has lasted this long. Lujan said he will inquire whether the tower could be salvaged or not.

The board approved the purchase of the transformers, the street light bulbs and the remodeling for the evidence room. The veterans’ memorial and the water tower demolition were put on hold.


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