Superintendent continues talk of improvement strategies

Carrie Zimmerman

CENTER— Center Schools Superintendent Carrie Zimmerman recently released her summary of the third of four improvement strategies she has mapped out for Center Schools since being named as superintendent last fall.
The third improvement strategy Zimmerman highlights for the Center School District for this school year is focusing on the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). 
“MTSS is a framework in which the learning community ensures student success and growth by meeting their academic, social emotional and behavioral needs. There are five components included in this model: evidence-based practices, family, school and community partnering, team-driven shared leadership, data-based problem solving and decision making and a layered continuum of supports. 
This system is about problem solving. It is an early intervention and prevention process that utilizes the MTSS Team to find solutions to a student’s lack of response to the core curriculum or behavioral expectations. The goal is identification and implementation of interventions over a period of time that will increase student success. 
The primary purpose is to help children have success at school academically and behaviorally. There is no more powerful engine for change than a group of professionals who have collectively taken responsibility for their students’ success. 
The Center leadership team has developed a specific action plan for accomplishing this overarching goal. The plan includes ensuring structures are in place to support ongoing communication efforts with parents and outside community partnerships. 
Last week Center Schools wrapped up its parent teacher conferences, and a part of the Center approach is to conduct home visits with families who might otherwise not be able to attend the conferences. This outreach goes above and beyond the traditional conferences and supports families in their educational partnership with the district.
High School Principal Kevin Jones helped make home visits possible through funding he received from the Nathan Yip grant.  Skoglund Middle School, under the leadership of Principal Luis Murillo, established the Parents Involved for Center Students (PICS) group.  Their mission is to empower parents and families to support their children’s academic and social-emotional development form the cradle through high school graduation, to college and beyond. 
This team supports the MTSS approach, ensuring that Center staff, family members and the community work together to increase and strengthen the family-school partnership.  These are just a couple of the supports we have in place for MTSS.  Other supports used K-12 include Restorative Justice Circles, Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS), RTI and health and wellness initiatives.”

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