Something from nothing

Now Ol’ Dutch has been around the proverbial block a time or two and has seen lots of things in his life, no doubt. He has even seen some things waxed that are hard to believe but for now will wax poetic and leave the rest to posterity. 

We gather our junk from here and from there

Make fobs for our watches from horse mane hair. 

Old barrels are turned into boxes for dogs 

And cut in half often to hold firewood logs

Wine bottles now drained they were not got free

Are artfully placed in the yard on wire trees

A headboard from bed makes a bench don’t you see

And tumbleweeds gathered became Christmas trees.

Barn doors that once kept the cattle at bay

Now grace fancy homes on old hinges they sway

A buggy seat sits in the hall with bows tied

Chandelier antler lighting that was made with pride

Sharp pointed barbed wire now make a cute wreath

A fish basket holds yarn safely for keeps

Horse collar mirrors and spurs hung on pegs

Grandkids all reaching to see on short legs. 

Craft fairs all carry the latest new fad

Piano made into something so sad

Spoons bent and made into rings for young kids

All treasures that soon will go home to be hid

Wall art made from old windows and doors

Screens long gone and broken their hinges long sore

Guns grace our mantles, deer heads hung so proud

Musical instruments hang which once were so loud

We seem to be set on turning our junk

Into coffee tables made from old travel trunks. 

This year its lights made from cans and from pots

And colorful bought at The Big Lots. 

So go to your yard and your shed packed so tight

Find treasures and wall art sure to be right. 

Ol’ Dutch is not immune to unusual wall art or re-purposing things. I have had bathtub cattle troughs, a sousaphone on my wall, deer heads hung with pride, bamboo wallpaper, stucco interior walls, fences made from oilfield pipe, rebar into security doors, old doors used for shelving and the list goes on. Matter of fact, the list is growing every day now that I have the ranch in Texas. 

Due to the splitting of the sheets with my ex-wife, I had to get rid of a lot of stuff due to not having a place to store it. Now, I have a lotta room and a huge barn to fill up and I am working at that with a fervor only matched by that of Ghenghis Khan conquering the world. 

Miss Trixie just shakes her head at my antics but as soon as I repurpose something it immediately becomes a good idea of which she was in favor of from the start. For now, folks, if you come across a dust-covered treasure this holiday season, wrap it up, declare it art and give it away. 


Kevin Kirkpatrick and his Yorkie, Cooper, fish, hunt, ATV or hike daily. His email is [email protected]. Additional news can be found at or on Twitter at TroutRepublic.