Sewer project moves forward in Saguache

The Town of Saguache digs into the gutter along Pitkin Avenue as its sewer project for the town moves forward before the snow falls. Photo by Teresa L. Benns

By Teresa L. Benns
SAGUACHE — The Town of Saguache sewer project, under discussion for the past two years is now underway and will be moving forward for as long as the weather allows, Saguache Town Clerk Iris Garcia said Tuesday.
So far the easy part of the project is being done — the replacement of liners on Pitkin and San Juan Avenues. Both streets will be finished by the end of next week, Garcia said. Some of the paving will be done this year as long as the weather holds, but the majority of paving will begin next spring when warmer weather returns, she added.
The goal is to try to get Pitkin Avenue in as good a condition as possible to better aid those working on school construction at Mountain Valley School. However, the school project and the sewer line replacement project are two separate issues and funding is separate for each project as well, Garcia noted.

Trustee resignation
Saguache Town board trustee Randal Arredondo has resigned, Garcia reported, and a replacement trustee will be appointed o his position. Arredondo’s letter of resignation mentioned possible conflicts of interest between his Road and Bridge Supervisor position and serving the town as a trustee.
According to unconfirmed reports, the Saguache Board of County Commissioners asked Arredondo to resign owing to potential conflicts with his Road and Bridge position. Minutes for the October BoCC meetings have not been posted to the county website yet to confirm this report.
The town has requested that letters of anyone interested in filling the position submitted to the clerk’s office. So far one letter has been received, Garcia said.


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