Saguache Trustees turn in their property

SAGUACHE — Saguache Town Board Trustees May Engquist, Wyoma Hansen, Janice Torrez and Amber Wilson who recently resigned as trustees, resulting in a slew of tirades launched on social media, were back at town hall last week.
The four women turned in their computer devices and other town property last Wednesday afternoon and were met by about 30 town residents, some carrying signs.
Nearly all the residents were out in support of the trustees.
Former Town Clerk Linda Ahrens also was present at the rally. Sheriff Dan Warwick did a standby while trustees returned their equipment but two attendees reported there were no incidents.
Letters of resignation submitted by the four trustees, all dated July 21, were nearly identical in content, attributing their resignations only to “an unforeseen chain of events.” Only Engquist’s letter hinted at any reason for the resignations, stating “I cannot support actions taken today in the matter of the deputy clerk.”
Additional inquiries into the reasons for the resignations have not been successful. Some residents insinuate the trustees are remaining mum for legal reasons.
None of the women have volunteered any further information and a detailed message left for Mayor Greg Terrell over the weekend went unreturned. Trustees have verified Terrell was not responding to their calls either and even indicated to them he had not received the calls.
The next town board meeting in Saguache is scheduled for 6 p.m., Aug. 8 at the Road and Bridge Building. In a situation where multiple board members have resigned, the remaining members may take emergency action to appoint new members to the board.

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