Saguache County seeking victim’s advocates

SAGUACHE COUNTY — The Saguache County Sheriff’s Office Victim Assistance Program is seeking compassionate, caring individuals (men and women) interested in volunteering for the Victim Advocate Services.  
Victim advocates serve the county of Saguache, including the towns of Crestone, Moffat, Baca Grande, Center and Saguache. Victim advocates offer support to victims of crime and death.
The Saguache County Victim Response Team will strive to increase public awareness about crime victim’s issues and the services this team and other agencies provide for crime victims.  This is done through Community participation in events, awareness campaigns and involvement with other agencies.  
Serving as a victim’s advocate is a rewarding position. Volunteers can help others in their time of need and longtime friendships can be made. Victim advocates work closely with law enforcement agencies and the victim. They offer training and refresher course training and also participate in community events such as fundraising, awareness and community drives.  
Anyone interested in volunteering — and individuals who speak Spanish especially — may contact the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office and ask to speak to Ellen Cox at 719-655-2544. Or call Center Police Department and speak with Beatrice Gutierrez at 719-754-3141.


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