Saguache County meeting highlights

During their working meeting on Nov. 10, commissioners heard Ray Newmyer describe what he discovered while tracking subsurface flow along Saguache Creek. Newmyer requested $5,000 for more data collection on behalf of the Saguache Creek Water Users group. Commissioners agreed to add it to the Nov. 17 agenda, and Tim Lovato and Ken Anderson voted in favor of the request. The next round of exploration beneath the surface will reveal more about the creek’s flow.

• Housing Director Evan Samora indicated two vacancies and a transfer, and the department continues to maintain a waiting list for potential renters. He remains on-budget, although year-end utility costs remain unknown. Samora said the bears that had raided dumpsters nightly have left the area.

• County Administrator Wendi Maez relayed a request to place a 40-foot promotional solar unit display along the county right of way outside of Crestone. The display now sits on the PowerZone site (Highway 285 and County Road E), but the requested promotion would run continuously for three weeks at the Crestone Kiosk where the road forks between Baca Grande and Crestone.

• Currently, vendors sell pizza and share information at the informal hub for hubbub. But no overnight parking and commerce is allowed. Following advice from County Attorney Ben Gibbons, commissioners agreed to discuss permitting, precedence and other considerations at a later date before responding to the request.


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