Saguache County caucus training

SAGUACHE - The Saguache County Democratic Party Central Committee will hold caucus training Monday, Feb. 24 at 6 p.m. followed by a Central Committee Meeting at 7 p.m. at the Saguache Road & Bridge Meeting Room, 305 – 3rd Street.

If you plan to go to your precinct caucus Saturday, March 7, at 2 p.m., come to the training to get a sneak peek at what will happen, how it works, and what will be voted on. For questions or to get more involved with the Party, please contact Party Chair Randy Arredondo  [email protected] This training and meeting are open to the public. All are welcome! Meeting agenda items include approving Jan. 10, 2020, meeting minutes, approving the March 29, 2020, County Assembly/Convention agenda and rules, appointment of Assembly/Convention parliamentarian, and other business that may come before the meeting. To register to vote or to update your voter registration go to: Let’s make history in 2020 with the highest voter turnout ever!