Rio Grande County hires new County Administrator

Rio Grande County hires new County Administrator Leslie Klusmire. Leslie will be starting with the county soon and comes to her position with an extensive and unique background. 


Klusmire also has an undergraduate degree is in Landscape Architecture and she has an MBA and a MA in Ministry. She loves working in smaller rural communities and is currently on the board of directors of the Community Matters Institute, an economic resiliency nonprofit working with small towns. Her former jobs include Community Development Director of Glenwood Springs and Planning Director for Inyo County, California.

“I have three grown children that are here in Colorado as well as other family that will be close by. I really enjoy hiking in the backcountry, backpacking, camping and plan on doing the Colorado Trail as soon as I can with my children. I had taken some time off to figure out what I wanted to do when this offer came up and I decided that this was my answer. It felt like the right fit and I think it will be a good fit,” said Klusmire.

In her off time when she is not out in the backcountry enjoying a hike, Klusmire also enjoys painting in several different mediums including oil painting, fiber painting and enjoying the occasional writing.

“I work at the pleasure of the county commissioners and will be working on a plan for the county administrative office at the beginning of the year. I really love working in rural areas and look forward to working for Rio Grande County,” said Klusmire.

County officials also announced that they will be welcoming an interim county attorney.


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