Methodist Church hosts Cookin’ With Our Neighbor 

Photo by Mechel Meek  People fill their plates with food during the Cookin’ With Our Neighbor event on July 22 at the Center United Methodist Church. 

CENTER — The Center United Methodist Church held Cookin’ With Our Neighbor on Thursday, July 22. 

There were food and drinks brought by over a dozen community members to welcome a singer to the Church, Gerardo Ortega, who was set to sing the next evening. 

Unfortunately, Ortega was unable to attend the dinner due to illness, however, that didn’t stop the community from gathering to unite and renew their bonds. 

There were all types of food available to enjoy, from meatballs to homemade bread and of course, desert. The mood was relaxed, the food was plentiful and there was a sense of excitement in the basement of the United Methodist Church. 

The Rev. Debria “Debbie” Upton started the proceedings with prayer, followed by introductions. 

Upton then said, “Be sure to take a plate home because that is what this is all about, sharing with our neighbors and community.” 

That sentiment was felt throughout the dinner, as sharing and reminiscing ensued. The attendees were delighted to sit down together in a simple act that brought normalcy. Community events that were lacking from last year, are now being held again with the opportunity to improve connections with friends and neighbors. 

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