Man claiming to be God arrested for assault

David Watts

CRESTONE — A 33-three-year-old Louisiana man was arrested on assault and other charges after telling Saguache Undersheriff Jim McCloskey he was God and had been sent to kill another man camping 100 feet away from him at the North Crestone Campground.
According to a report filed by Undersheriff Jim McCloskey, Saguache County Sheriff’s Office received a frantic call last Friday from a man begging for help who was being threatened by another man wielding a wooden stake. When Undersheriff McCloskey arrived on the scene both men appeared to have weapons and he handcuffed them both.
The victim told McCloskey David Watts had been camped 100 feet from his RV for the past few days and during that time period had first kicked his RV causing some minor damage then later entered the RV uninvited. When he entered the RV, Watts announced that he was God, the victim was evil, he was not obeying God’s laws, he was a witch and he had to be burnt alive.
He then began threatening the victim with the stake, the victim and Watts struggled and Watts was pushed out of the camper. The victim then called 911. The stake was still in Watts’ hand when McCloskey arrived.
The victim said he does not know Watts and has no idea why he would want to kill him.
After speaking with the two men, McCloskey released the victim and told Watts he was under arrest. Watts yelled at McCloskey, said he was God and told McCloskey to call the NSA. He demanded McCloskey release him and refused to get into the sheriff’s office vehicle without his Bible. McCloskey took Watts to the ground and called for backup. Later, Cpl. Steve Hansen arrived on the scene.
McCloskey then retrieved Watts’ Bible and told Watts that if he did not cooperate with law enforcement, he would be subject to necessary force to get him into the vehicle. Watts cooperated and was transferred to Saguache County Jail without further incident.  
Watts was charged with third-degree assault and second-degree burglary and was referred to mental health for evaluation. The victim suffered only minor scrapes and bruises on his left rib cage.

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