LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Welsh supports Palacios for school board

Dear Editor,
Having invested 19 years in the Center community as a school system leader and a total of 21 years as a superintendent of schools in Colorado, I’ve learned the key factor in creating a successful district is surrounded staff and administration with intelligent, well-intentioned school board directors who place children, ALL of them, ahead of personal interests.
Though I no longer reside in Center I maintain a keen interest in its school system. With any luck, someday I’ll be the proud grandfather of another Center Viking.
As this election approaches, voters need to know the importance of the decision they will make. I rest easy knowing Misty Palacios has decided to run once again. I have known her since she was a middle school student. She was talented and intelligent like so many of Center’s beautiful children. She was also faced with making many difficult choices at a young age, like so many of Center’s students. 
Fortunately, Misty possessed a tenacious work ethic and a high value for education. Though at one time she dropped out, after much hard work she graduated from the district’s newly established alternative school. Center Schools never gave up on Misty Palacios, and Misty Palacios never gave up on herself.
After earning her diploma, Misty continued her educational pursuits, married a fine man, embarked on a rewarding career and set about raising a beautiful family.
Most people who run for a board of education seat do these things. The difference is Misty Palacios truly understands the needs of Center’s children, and through her actions, makes decisions based on what will benefit all of them.
Yes, Center Schools never gave up on Misty. Misty never gave up on herself. And I know for a fact Misty Palacios will never give up on the children of Center Schools.
I encourage you to reward her successful service by placing her back on the board of education.
George S. Welsh,
Former Superintendent of Center


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