Letter to the Editor: Was my ballot counted for Creede or the Municipality of Fraser

To the editor,

This is in response to Ron Feif’s letter of several weeks ago.  As a fellow Creede Resident I agree with you 100%.  We don’t need more taxes and I still haven’t figured how this one passed, unless it was that some (or all) of our ballots went to the “Municipality of Fraser” instead of Creede.  See below the attached copy of the affidavit of Voter for my ballot.  So my question is were any or all of our ballots even legal?

Back to Ron and the Kentucky Belle Market.  I recently filled in a Nomination for them for a “Can Do Colorado” Business recognition.  My nomination read as follows:

“Ron and Kay Fief are owners of the only grocery store in Creede, Colorado.  This spring was especially challenging for them and their staff to remain open due to food and supply shortages.  However, they and their staff have gone above and beyond by not only keeping the store open but also well-stocked since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis!  Creede is a small town of approximately 600 year-round residents and with a population of summer guests soars to well over 1,000.  The store has gone the extra mile by providing a delivery service to all Creede and Mineral County residents within a radius of 20 miles, as well as, taking telephone orders that you can pick up at their door.  They are also an outlet for facemasks handmade by several of our local church and outreach groups.  These masks are free but any cash donation is welcome.  This money then goes back to these “special people” for materials to make more.  Sooo, a special big “Thank You to Ron and Kay and your Staff!”

Betsy Rogers


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