Letter to the Editor: I am the Republican candidate for Saguache County

To the editor,

My name is Richard Pascoe and I am the Republican candidate for Saguache County Commissioner District 1. I have been a resident of Saguache County for 24 years. I moved to the county in 1996 after being hired as a Deputy Sheriff. I have served in law enforcement in the county for both Saguache County and for Center Police Department.

Along with serving in Law Enforcement I also own a small business delivering goods to local grocery stores.

I am married and have 2 sons, one who is a Deputy in Alamosa County and one who is currently on his way to Korea as a member of the United States Cavalry.

I have lived in the valley for 40 years. I understand the needs of the community and if elected will stand against the current attempt to again pump water from the valley to the front range of Colorado. I will not vote to allow any water to be removed from Saguache County.

I will not be an automatic rubber stamp for anyone wanting to start a marijuana grow operation in our county. If someone can show an honest business attempt at a grow and demonstrate they can be an asset to County revenue and jobs, only then would I consider approval. However, if someone comes and shows they are not willing to follow county and state regulations established concerning grows then I would not be willing to approve such an operation.

In connection to the marijuana issue, I would like to see the code enforcement officer placed under the supervision of the Sheriff’s Office as a level one peace officer and removed from the supervision of the commissioners, I  think this would be a more fair and equitable way of policing the industry without commissioner interference or preference.

If I am elected, I will look forward to working with the department heads, employees and elected officials to solve problems that the County is facing.  Within the role of commissioner, I will commit to work with residents, other government agencies, etc. to improve the County.

Richard Pascoe
Saguache County