LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Clarifying Ballot Issue 3B

Dear Editor,
If you’re a voter in the Mountain Valley School (MVS) District, you were mailed a “Notice of Election” statement regarding the proposed Ballot Issue 3B. 3B asks voters to approve a school bond to raise $3.7 million through an increase in property taxes, in order to receive $27 million in state BEST grant funds for the sole purpose of building a new school for MVS. This notice, required by law, rather than simplifying and clarifying the issue, has, as usual, only served to confuse. The notice never says that the BEST grant can only and will only be used to build a new school.  
The current plan includes reusing the middle school building for “administrative purposes,” i.e. making it a bus barn, but the main, pre-K-12 school will be entirely new. The intent is to retain the historical values of the current failing structure, create an environment that will serve students and staff for the next 50 years, in an architectural style that honors the community.
Some suggest that estimates to repair the current structure could be done for much less money. Two licensed architectural/engineering firms recently estimated current renovations at $18 million. Could needed fixes - sewer, plumbing, electrical, roof, and HVAC, including asbestos abatement— basically a complete remodel— really be done for less? I doubt it. And what would be left— the same inefficient, insecure, windowless, deteriorating building that will need more repair in 5-10 years. For the same taxes, we get a new 50-year school.
3B is the BEST solution to our structural problems, the BEST value for our tax dollars and the BEST choice for our kids, teachers and community. Vote YES on 3B. Learn more at bestformvs.com.
Chuck Tidd, Moffat


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