Juvenile charged in Ute Theater burglary arrested

SAGUACHE — A 17-year-old juvenile charged with vandalizing and burglarizing the historic Ute Theatre has been arrested and charged with second-degree criminal trespassing, his second charge following the burglary.
The juvenile, homeless since the burglary, tried to resist arrest when being cuffed and threatened suicide if taken to the juvenile detention center, according to a sheriff’s office report.
The 17-year-old and one of the other juveniles, a 16-year-old, also were implicated in acts that could be charged as intimidating a witness following the burglary incident. All three were charged in March with second-degree burglary, an F-4, criminal mischief (F-6), also theft and second-degree trespassing, both M-3 offenses.
A third juvenile was not involved in either of the two other incidents, but was the alleged victim of the intimidation. All three juveniles will appear in juvenile court Aug. 22 at 10 a.m. for a hearing on all three incidents.  
A deputy initially responded to the call about the Ute Theater March 13 after Sky Hiatt-Gate reported finding a door open on the back side of the theater. Theater owner Christine Gydeson was summoned to the scene to inspect the building’s interior for any damage.
On entering the building, it was first discovered that ceiling sections in the theater had been damaged and insulation had fallen to the floor below, creating a huge mess. The cash register was broken and lying in pieces in the main entrance and $50 was missing from the register. Other items in the same vicinity lay scattered all over the floor.
The bar was damaged and every cabinet in the immediate area was ransacked, with contents dumped on the floor. The cabinets held CDs and DVDs and Gydeson reported that many of them were missing.
The kitchen area also was vandalized and a bottle of Gatorade left on the counter, which Gydeson reported had not been there before. Wine glasses also were left on the counter containing Margarita mix. In the main entrance to the showroom, more ceiling damage was discovered and insulation had spilled onto the floor. Both the stage area and seats were covered in footprints. The projector room and equipment, however, was not damaged or broken.
Wells determined the point of entry (an air vent) and recovered three sets of shoe prints, partial fingerprints and DNA from the crime scene. After speaking to neighbors and business owners in the area, she discovered three male juveniles were seen repeatedly around the theater together. After taking their names, she visited each one and interviewed all three in the presence of their mothers.
One juvenile admitted readily to being inside the theater with the other two juveniles. He said they told him they both had entered the theater before and wanted to show him the inside. He apologized for his actions and told Wells he intended to stay clear of the law from now on. He was not involved in the other two subsequent incidents.

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