Finding the key to life

This has been a time of death and dying.
Everyone has been elderly, for the most part, and each lived a good, full life.
At the top of the list is “Mac” McFadden, a man I believe knew more about water than mother nature. Proud of his service to our country, he talked the talk and walked the walk.
A member of the “Greatest Generation,” he served honorably.
He was angry with me for a while, but we agreed to disagree.
For the past couple of days, I have been watching tributes to President George Herbert Walker Bush, who passed away with family and friends listening to his last remarks.
I don’t know if Mac had any last remarks, but I am sure he did if he could.
What I do know about both men is that they were good people, genuinely good people, more concerned with their fellow humans than themselves.
This brings me to Jimmy Carter who, in his mid-90’s, is still building homes with Habitat for Humanity.
Also a member of the Greatest Generation, he is showing its greatness.
Watching several film clips of the last living presidents walking together, it seemed love for their country motivated each of them.
Feeling dismayed at the “tribal warfare” between Democrats and Republicans in our nation’s congress now, I wonder why it exists.
George H.W. Bush gave speeches about how progress could be made through cooperation and advised people to “be nice.”
I thought about that.
We are spending money now to purchase gifts when, perhaps, the greatest gift is to be nice to friends, family, wait staff, people working in retail and officials we may meet and it doesn’t cost a cent.
In death, we may have found the key to life.