Doubling down on special days

Summer for us in Colorado began with two nice and most welcome rains. There is hope that this Rain Man can keep that up and have a long monsoon season.

In recent days and weeks, fires have broken out in and around the San Luis Valley. It's worrisome to say the least with high wind warnings posted almost daily. So, we pray for rain and relief from this interminable drought.

But, in the midst of this, we still have good to celebrate. Last week, Ol’ Dutch’s birthday rolled around again, albeit much quicker than the last one so it seems. Those darned dates seem to be getting closer together each year and I am sure it's global warming or something like that which has altered even the calendar. All in all, I did have a great day with many well wishes from friends and a few enemies alike who are getting old enough now that they are doing good things trying to get into Heaven.

The Grands called and that's always fun and sang me the Happy Birthday song. I hope they do not get in trouble for that as it's copyrighted, and the thought police are everywhere these days enforcing payment for the use of that song. That's right. If you sing it, you are subject to paying a royalty fee for doing so. Nothing seems sacred anymore.

I had informed people that “no gift is too large” and I guess they missed that memo as I didn’t get anything. My dad did send me a check of course and that got me to thinking — a dangerous pursuit according to Miss Trixie — about fathers in general and that I was set to have two special days almost in the same week.

This weekend is the coveted Father’s Day celebration. Since this column comes out before that, you still have time to go to Harbor Freight, a sporting goods store or the Big Box and get him something to unwrap.

Ol’ Dutch had a great dad who at almost 93 continues to preach at a small church. He has been a role model and mentor to many, including me. Everything from wiring a house to surveying to singing and construction of all sorts, I learned by helping him around the house and church. We did it all and so now today, I can pretty much do anything I need to. Mostly he taught me not to be afraid to try as you can learn how if you are persistent. So, I do owe him a great debt of gratitude for all those lessons he gave me. The most important one being and living as a man of faith.

There was a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd who is said to come up with the idea of celebrating a special day just for dad while listening to a sermon about Mother’s Day. Now, I don't know what Sonora did for a living, but rumor has it around my house at least, that she was a special occasions card sale lady and needed to up her game with one more holiday sales opportunity. Well maybe not, but it sounds reasonable to Ol’ Dutch as nothing happens in this old world without money changing hands.

Mostly what I found Father’s Day to be was a time when Ol’ Dutch got to take the family out for dinner and pay for it also. And also funding the gifts that I received from adoring little children and spouses. Somehow that took the happy edge off the day for me knowing that the ugly tie I got for a present and the chicken fried steak at Bob's Cafe meant that I would have to forgo a new fishing rod and tackle. But all in all, I had some good Father’s Days even though they cost me a near fortune in self-funded, useless presents.

So, this Sunday, if your father is still alive and walking on this planet, get him a bobble or two or at least make the phone call and let him know how much you appreciate him for being your dad. And if you play your cards right, he may even spring for a chicken dinner at Maude's Free Range Chicken Cafe and Lingerie Emporium.

Kevin Kirkpatrick and his Yorkie, Cooper, fish, hunt, ATV or hike daily. His email is [email protected]. Additional news can be found at