Deputy refutes Crestone woman’s claims

SAGUACHE — Deputy Wayne Clark has flatly denied allegations made by Crestone resident Sarah Grimes regarding his handling of Crestone-related cases in the course of his duties as a deputy with the Saguache Sheriff’s Office.
Grimes emailed a letter to various news outlets last month stating she was forwarding her concerns about certain issues involving Crestone cases to District Attorney Crista Newmyer-Olsen. Her main complaint was the investigation into the disappearance of Crestone resident Krystal Reisinger and the death of Crestone resident Brandy Atkins, whose death has officially been ruled a suicide.
Clark says he feels his reputation has been trashed and his family has suffered as a result. He especially challenged Grimes’ mention in her information packet regarding his wife’s involvement with the closing of the Crestone Youth Plaza. He says the matter was later investigated by the state and state officials absolved his wife of any wrong-doing.
Frederica Solano-Clark published a letter in the Center Post-Dispatch in January, explaining why the thrift store closed, the challenges it faced in the current economy and described the disposition of the items remaining in the store. At the time of the store’s closure, some Crestone residents made allegations against Solano that later proved to be unsubstantiated.
Some Saguache County residents have suggested that Clark is being attacked because of his previous role as a code enforcement officer who once lived in Crestone, a town many say is peppered with illegal grows.
In last week’s article, Sheriff Dan Warwick called any claims the sheriff’s office has not investigated reports that the body of a missing Crestone woman is being hidden somewhere in the area “ludicrous.” He reminded readers that the details of open investigations cannot be released for obvious reasons, pointing out that citizens should not expect a rural sheriff’s office to operate by television standards.


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