Democrats sweep Saguache County

SAGUACHE COUNTY — In Saguache County, all nine Democratic Party candidates won. Two of them ran unopposed, but three of them ultimately lost to Republicans. Although the statewide post-election tabulation is still in progress, the Saguache numbers are revealing.

Heading to Washington, Lauren Boebert (R) won the congressional seat for District 3 with 51.26% of the vote, but 54.49% of Saguache County voters cast ballots for Diane Mitsch Bush (D). In the county, Carlos Lopez (D) earned 57.10% of the vote, but in the end Cleve Simpson (R) won the District 35 state senator seat with 43,442 votes (60.18%). Mayling Simpson (D) also won the county (57.66%), but Joyce Rankin will become the next District 3 State Board of Education member (223,234 votes, 54.83%).

Saguache County voters had 26 or 27 decisions to make (depending on where they reside relative to the Continental Divide). By a vote of 48 to 41, residents in Sargents rejected a property tax hike for the Colorado River Water Conservation District. However, 72.11% of the voters in Delta, Eagle, Garfield, Grand, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Mesa, Moffat, Montrose, Ouray, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt and Summit counties agreed to increase collection to nearly $5 million in 2021.

The pool of voters in Saguache County increased to 4,166 this year, and 3,373 of them (80.06%) mailed their returns, dropped them off early and voted on Election Day in the courthouse. At least one voter registered on Nov. 3, casting his ballot before the polls closed.

The closest race in Saguache County was Proposition 117, a vote to seek future voter approval for any newly created or qualified state enterprise that is projected to bring in more than $100 million in fees and surcharges within five years. A mere six votes in the county rejected the measure (1,529 to 1,523), but it passed statewide with 52.55% of the vote.

Trish Gilbert, Saguache County Clerk and Recorder, provided updates throughout Election Night, which have been compiled on the Colorado Secretary of State website.

Joseph R. Biden / Kamala D. Harris (D): 1,857
Donald J. Trump / Michael R. Pence (R): 1,389

United States Senator
John W. Hickenlooper: 1,859
Cory Gardner: 1,386

Representative to the 117th United States Congress (District 3)
Lauren Boebert (R): 1,324
Diane E. Mitsch Bush (D): 1,803

State Board of Education Member (Congressional District 3)
Mayling Simpson (D): 1,851
Joyce Rankin (R): 1,359

State Senator (District 35)
Cleave Simpson (R): 1,389
Carlos Lopez (D): 1,849

State Representative (District 62)
Donald E. Valdez (D): 1,967
Logan Taggart (R): 1,266

District Attorney (12th Judicial District)
Alonzo Christopher Payne (D): 2,105 (unopposed)

Saguache County Commissioner (District 1)
Richard Pascoe (R): 1,331
Thomas D. McCracken (D): 1,929

Saguache County Commissioner (District 2)
Lynne Thompson (D): 2,231 (unopposed)

Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court Melissa Hart retained (1,973 to 779)

Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court Carlos A. Samour Jr. retained (1,949 to 775)

Colorado Court of Appeals Judge Ted C. Tow III retained (1,875 to 813)

Colorado Court of Appeals Judge Craig R. Welling retained (1,828 to 847)

District Court Judge for 12th Judicial District Michael A. Gonzales retained (2,051 to 713)

District Court Judge for 12th Judicial District Amanda Hopkins retained (2,068 to 693)

Amendment B to preserve funding for local districts without increasing tax rates (CONSTITUTIONAL) YES (1,805 to 1,301)

Amendment C allowing change of charitable gaming activities (CONSTITUTIONAL) NO (1,567 to 1,527)

Amendment 76 (CONSTITUTIONAL) YES (2,040 to 1,174)

Amendment 77 allowing voters in Central City, Black Hawk and Cripple
Creek to expand game types and single bets Initiative (CONSTITUTIONAL) YES (1,686 to 1,402)

Proposition EE increasing state taxes on inhaled nicotine (STATUTORY) YES (1,854 to 1,362)

Proposition 113 to institute a national popular vote (STATUTORY) YES (1,833 to 1,380)

Proposition 114 reintroduction of gray wolves (STATUTORY) NO (1,688 to 1,504)

Proposition 115 banning late term abortions (STATUTORY) NO (1,912 to 1,263)

Proposition 116 reducing the Colorado income tax rate (STATUTORY) YES (1,819 to 1,365)

Proposition 117 requirements for new enterprises to be approved (STATUTORY) NO (1,529 to 1,523)

Proposition 118 creation of paid family and medical leave (STATUTORY) YES (1,956 to 1,237)


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