DA Kelly holds office, Martinez wins HD62

File photos Republican and incumbent 12th Judicial District Attorney Anne Kelly held her office and Democrat Matthew Martinez was elected to represent House District 62 in Tuesday’s election.

ALAMOSA — While results are considered unofficial until certified, the Secretary of State is reporting the following local tallies for the district attorney’s race in the 12th Judicial District and House District 62.

In the closely watched district attorney’s race where Republican and recently appointed DA Anne Kelly ran to keep her office in a contest with Democrat and former DA Bob Willett, Kelly was victorious, receiving 62% of the votes across the San Luis Valley and former Willett garnering 38%.

Support in most of the counties was similar with Kelly receiving 62% of the vote in Alamosa to Willett’s 38%. In Conejos, there was a 61% to 39% split and, in Mineral, 64%to 36%. Kelly performed the best in Rio Grande County where she took 67% of the voter compared to 33% for Willett.

Tallies showed a somewhat different picture with a close race in Saguache, where Kelly received 51% of the vote to Willett’s 49%. Willett came out on top in Costilla with 54% of the vote compared to Kelly’s 46%.

In the race to replace Rep. Donald Valdez, who currently represents House District 62, the match-up between political newcomers Democrat Matthew Martinez and Republican Carol Riggenbach went in the Democrat’s favor with Martinez receiving 55% of the vote and Riggenbach receiving 45% district-wide.

HD62 encompasses the six counties in the Valley plus part of Pueblo and Huerfano. A closer look at the race shows that, while Riggenbach won in five of the eight counties.

A decisive victory for Martinez in Pueblo — where more than a third of voters live —played a significant role.

In the Valley, Riggenbach won in Alamosa with 52% of the votes to Martinez’s 48%. In Conejos, she won 53% to 47%. In Mineral, Riggenbach received 58% of the votes to Martinez’s 42% and, in Rio Grande there was a similar split of 59% to 41%. In Huerfano County, Riggenbach won 55% to 45%.

But, in Pueblo where 10,838 out of the total 28,894 votes were cast, Martinez had a pivotal victory, receiving 67% of the votes to Riggenbach’s 33%. Costilla showed similar support with 65% supporting Martinez and 35% going for Riggenbach. The eighth county — Saguache — came in for Martinez at a 12% margin, with Martinez garnering 56% of the vote to Riggenbach’s 44%.