Crestone Food Bank prepping for grand opening

CRESTONE — The Crestone Food Bank will be hosting a prepping party at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Jan 20. The public is invited to attend and help the food bank prepare to open.

The new food bank is opening across the parking lot from the Baca Grande Library. The official address is 67487 County Road T. Anyone can come and volunteer their time. There will be shelves that need painted, outlet covers that need installed, furniture that needs to be moved, and the food bank itself still needs lots of cleaning.

Eden Elderberry spoke about the food bank and how the project has been coming for a long time.

“The volunteers so far have been amazing. This has been a long time coming,” Elderberry said. “There is going to be new everything in there, it’s going to look really pretty in there. Basically, on Saturday for the party, we are going to put in some new shelving. We are going to move around the building materials that were in there and left over. We are going to paint the shelves and put everything in its place including outlet covers, all that kind of stuff. We want to really get the place cleaned up. On Saturday everyone is invited, people who want to do a little or a lot to help are all invited to attend. It’s going to be fun.” 

Elderberry, who works for the Baca Grande Library and is a big part of the food bank, also said that there will be another party before the grand opening.

“It’s called a pantry packing party. We are going to have music, and people can come and see what the process is going to look like. People can come check it out too,” Elderberry said.

Elderberry said she is relieved and excited that they are going to open in February.

“A lot of people really need this; people are asking every day. When is the food bank going to be open? People need the bank to open, it would really help so many people, so very much. We do have some food supplements, but the food bank just provides a lot better choices and a lot more for all the families who really need it right now. The more people who come out on Saturday for the party the better. Many hands make light work,” she said. 

The food bank is requesting volunteers for their prep parties, and on the day, they open their doors in February, details and the time and date when they will open will be announced soon. For more information on the opening of the new food bank, contact Courtney Carag at 720-663-7194 or stop by the library and speak with Elderberry.