CPD arrests suspect for attempted burglary

Patrick Silva Jr.

CENTER — A man was arrested on March 4 for allegedly breaking into an elderly woman’s home while she was inside, the Center Police Department reported.

On Friday, March 4, CPD received a call from an elderly woman who said that someone was trying to break into her home through the screen door.

Center Police Department officers and the Saguache County Deputy Sheriff’s Office responded to the call.

According to CPD Chief Dale Meek, at 3:11 p.m. Center Police Dispatch received an emergency call from an elderly lady that a subject known to her as Patrick Silva Jr. was attempting to break into her house.

The woman observed Silva Jr. inside her screen door, which had been locked, and he was trying to open the inner door.

Meek continued, stating that CPD Officer Adam Fresquez located the described suspect near the victim’s home, where he was detained.

CPD collected evidence at the residence that connected the suspect to the crime.

Meek also stated that the suspect had been seen on the doorsteps and yards of other homes in Center in the recent past and had been caught on camera.

Silva Jr. who was placed under arrest for attempted second-degree burglary, criminal mischief, and crimes against an at-risk adult (victim over 70 years old). The suspect was booked into Saguache County Jail, with a stated bond of $20,000 cash or surety.

After appearing in court, the bond was reduced to a $2,500 personal recognizance bond. A PR Bond is a signature bond that involves no money or property if the defendant appears at all future court dates. The defendant’s signature acts as a promise to appear in court.


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