Commissioners hear marijuana licensing concerns

SAGUACHE — At the regular Saguache County Commissioner’s meeting Tuesday, Saguache County resident Bill Case presented commissioners with a mass of documentation outlining the county’s acceptance of marijuana applications that may not have been filed according to state law.

Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) license application irregularities were identified by Case for two different Saguache County retail marijuana cultivation facilities — G5 LLC and IKAR LLC — in addition to a word of caution regarding Stryker LLC.

In the case of G5 LLC, Case noted that under Ownership Structure as defined on page three of the MED application:

  • Only one key person is documented in this section of the application
  • There are other persons with an ownership interest clearly documented in G5 Acquisitions LLC documentation supplied to the county during the first quarter of 2017 that proves otherwise. There are multiple non-residents who should also have been documented on the MED Application along with a resident who was designated as an owner on a water sales agreement.

IKAR LLC was cited by Case for irregularities that are specific to:

  • Signature notarization — The two persons who have an ownership interest listed in the Ownership Structure on the MED application did not have their signatures notarized as required. The only signatures that were notarized were their spouses. Yet this application was approved by the MED.
  • Residency claims — a concern that warrants further review. The spouses’ signatures were notarized in Illinois. The two persons who have an ownership interest documented on the application that their location was in Denver when completing the application and both have Resident Associated Key licenses issued by the MED.

The primary concern is related to the actual residency of one or both of the Associated Keys, considering the fact that their spouses are still in Illinois. State law requires them to reside in Colorado.

Case also warned residents about the plans of Stryker LLC (a marijuana cultivation facility on 400 acres in Saguache County). This LLC has a long-term plan to build the “world’s largest cultivation facilities” in Saguache County, which is documented in a recent online “Cannabis Entrepreneur” interview with a Stryker co-owner. (See

“This is a very disturbing interview that everyone should read,” Case advised. He reported that following his presentation, County Land Use Administrator Wendi Maez copied supporting documentation related to the above concerns for perusal by the county attorney.


Editor’s Note: Bill Case supplied the outline and documentation for this article.


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