Clips from the Clerk for June 25, 2020

Late Fees

Motor Vehicles
Late Fees for Motor Vehicles are $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) for each month or portion of a month following the expiration of the registration period not to exceed $100.00 (one hundred dollars).

Trailers and Vehicles Without Motive Power
Late Fees for weights of 16 thousand pounds or less - or a camper trailer - or a multipurpose trailer regardless of its weight, that is not registered when required by law, will be $10.00 (ten dollars) and are not eligible for waiver except:

Commercial Vehicle Trailers idled for a full registration period shall not be imposed a late fee.

Available exemptions for motor vehicle late fees accrued on and after Sept. 1, 2010 are:
Act of God
Information Technology Failure
Medical Hardship
Office Closure
Weather Related Delay

Vehicle owners have three months in which to avoid late fees.

Registration Renewal Notices are sent out by the State one month before the expiration of vehicles. You can renew your registration one month before its expiration and the expiration month will stay the same for the following year.

Registrations can be renewed at any time within the month of expiration.

Registrations can be renewed, without a late fee, one month following the expiration of the registration; however, “expired” is still “expired” in cop-land.

Don’t forget, you can register your vehicles online at

up to 11:59 p.m. on the day of expiration.