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Saguache County VOTES!
According to the Webster dictionary, a vote is a decision by one or more persons on a proposal, resolution, bill, etc., or a choice between candidates for office, expressed by written ballot, voice, show of hands, etc.
Voting is a PRIVILEGE. Voting is your LEGAL RIGHT. Voting is your RESPONSIBILITY.
In an effort to offer every eligible citizen of Saguache County the ability to vote, an invitation was sent to each school in our county inviting them to participate in the voter registration award program offered by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Background information for the voter registration award
Eliza Pickrell Routt, with her husband, John Routt, settled in Colorado on the brink of its statehood in 1875. John Routt would be elected the first Governor, making Eliza Pickrell Routt the first, First Lady of Colorado. In this role, she dedicated herself to building a structured community with equal rights for women.  She joined the Non-Partisan Suffrage Association of Colorado and served as president of the City League of Denver branch. In honor of her commitment to getting suffrage passed, Routt was the first woman registered to vote in Colorado.
In honor of Eliza Pickrell Routt’s dedication to voting equality, the Secretary of State’s office has created the Eliza Pickrell Routt Award.  This award is given to high schools that have 85% of eligible seniors registered to vote.

Voter Registration
Eligibility Requirements:
• At least 16 years old, though they cannot vote until they are 18
• Citizen of the United States
• Resident of Colorado for 22 days before the election

There are several ways a person can register to vote.
• In person at the county clerk’s office
• By mail (including fax and email)
• At a driver’s license office
• At a voter registration agency (Human Services office, WIC office, disability office, etc.)
• In person at a Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) up through election day
• Through a Voter Registration Drive (VRD)
• At a high school
• Online at to register to vote and/or update your voter registration
• Other offices such as Post Offices, municipal clerk’s offices, libraries, etc.
Jane, Desiree, Ben and I are here to help should you have any problems. Please call 719-655-2512 or stop by between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday, except Holidays.
This year we will have both a Primary Election and a General Election. We urge everyone to please exercise your right to vote. Help make Saguache County the place of choice to live, work, play and grow in the southern region of Colorado.

Trish Gilbert is the Saguache County clerk and recorder.


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