Center students honored at awards ceremony

Students Candelaria Ramon-Miguel and Aaliyah Garcia receive $750 scholarships from Ray and Colette Skeff of Monte Vista.

CENTER— The annual Center High School Awards ceremony was held in the George Welsh Auditorium on the Center campus Monday with a host of students receiving awards and scholarship grants from state and local schools.
The ceremony opened with comments from longtime scholarship grantor, Ray Skeff. Skeff announced that his 17-year annuity for the scholarship was up and now it is paying for itself. He also told the story of how he came to grant the annuity.
“In 2002 a very religious man told me it was too bad we couldn’t do something to help more people for a longer period of time. So when my life insurance agent came, he talked us into [the annuity].”
Skeff then went to talk to George Welsh to tell him what he and his wife Colette wanted to do, and Welsh said: “Ray, I have been in administration for 30 years and I have never seen this before. Why?” Skeff replied, “Why not?” and Welsh asked, “Why Center?” Skeff told him that his family had a sum total of 96 years in Center Schools and he wanted to pay it forward.
“So as long as I can get up the stairs,” Skeff said, “I will be here.” Colettte Skeff then wished graduates the very best and told the audience, “It is always an honor to be here.” Students Candelaria Ramon-Miguel and Aaliyah Garcia received scholarships of $750 each from the Skeffs.

Major scholarships
Jessica Garrison: $1,000 Principal Scholarship from Center Schools; Western State Colorado University/Slate Merit Award, $3,500, renewable for up to four years for a total of $14,000; a WSCU M.A.RS. grant for $500; a $4,000 WSCU art scholarship and a $4,000 C.O.S.I. award from WSCU. Adams State University, Grizzly Partner, $3,200; President’s Merit Scholarship, $3,000 Lorraine Young Memo- Grizzly Partner
Garrison also received the Daughters of the American Revolution award earlier this year for her essay competition and school performance.
Aaliyah Garcia, Western State Colorado University East Merit Award, $2,500 renewable for four years for a total of $10,000

Adams State University, Sam Sargent
Giselle Almeida, Grizzly Partner, $3,200
Gilberto Arana, Grizzly Partner, $3,200
Brisa Castillo-Miranda, Grizzly Partner, $3,200; Spud Bowl, $2,000; Vice President’s Merit, $1,000; SLV Promise Eligible, $1,656
Cosme Cordova, Grizzly Partner, $3,200
Angel DeHerrera, Grizzly Partner, $3,200; President’s Merit Scholarship; $3,000; SLV Promise Eligible, $1,656
Gloria Dominguez, Grizzly Partner, $3,200; SLV Promise Eligible, $1,656
Aaliyah Garcia, Grizzly Partner, $3,200; President’s Merit Scholarship, $3,000; SLV Promise, $1,656
Miguel Gomez, Grizzly Partner, $3,200; SLV Promise - $1,656
Natalia Gonzales-Rodriguez, Grizzly Partner, $3,200; Vice President’s Merit, $1,000
Gladys Hernandez-Ayala, Grizzly Partner, $3,200; SLV Promise Eligible - $1,656
Carlos Lopez, Grizzly Partner, $3,200; Vice· President’s Merit, $1,000; SLV Promise Eligible, $1,656
Jose Luna, Grizzly Partner, $3,200
Kevin Miramontes, Grizzly Partner, $3,200
Alexa Molinar-Almeida, Grizzly Partner, $3,200
Brayam Muro Ornelas, Grizzly Partner, $3,200
Timothy Hunter Paiz, Grizzly Partner, $3,200; SLV Promise Eligible, $1,656
Candelaria Ramon-Miguel, Grizzly Partner, $3,200

Trinidad State Junior College, Michael Sisneros
$500 Frank D. Azar Scholarship: Ricardo Echauri, Jr.
$1,200 Alamosa State Bank Scholarship: Brayam Muro Ornelas
$963.38 - Learn Local - Candelaria Ramon-Miguel
$963.38 - Learn Local - Alexa Molinar-Almeida
$963.38 - Learn Local - Natalia Gonzales-Rodriguez
$963.38 - Learn Local - Brayam Muro Ornelas
$963.38 - Learn Local - Marina Hurtado
$963.38 - Learn Local - Ricardo Echauri, Jr.
$963.38 - Learn Local - Kevin Miramontes
$963.38 - Learn Local - Miguel Gomez
$963.38 - Learn Local - Gilberto Arana
$963.38 - Learn Local - Carlos Lopez
$963.38 - Learn Local – Gladys Hernandez
$963.38 - Auto Merit - Natalia Gonzales-Rodriguez
$963.38 - Auto Merit - Brayam Muro-Ornelas
$963.38 - Auto Merit - Kevin Miramontes
$963.38 - Auto Merit - Miguel Gomez

Other scholarships include:
• Kiwanis Scholarship, presented by Dick Ramstetter, Don Carpenter and David Lewis, $1,000 each – Jessica Garrison and Brayam Muro Ornelas
• James Miller Scholarship (also Kiwanis), $1,000 – Angel Herrera
• Viking Athletic Association Scholarship, $1,000 – Giselle Almeida
• McCormick/Roesch Scholarship, $500 – Natalia Gonzales Rodriguez
• Colorado School of Mines Medal of Achievement, $1,000 – Obed Perez
• Center Service Scholarship, Mrs. Alfson, $1,000 – Alex Molinar
• Will Weatherford/STARS Scholarship – Brayam Muro Ornelas
• Center Education Association, Valedictorian and Salutatorian Scholarships (TBD)
• Outstanding Academic Achievement, 3.50 for the year (not in a sport) – Principal Kevin Jones, Deb Lujan: Mackayla Arellano, Violet Barton, Jesse Bencomo, Isaiah Callum, Azia Valdez-Herrera, Jessica Garrison, Raul Gonzales-Rodriguez, Pedro Gonzales, Kristine Hoffner, Obed Perez, Jessenia Portillo, Yahley Quintana, Charles Wills
• Outstanding Jr. Boy – Jose Villagomez, presented by Warren Weaver and Tom Templeton
• Outstanding Junior Girl – Delores Estrada-Hernandez, presented by Warren Weaver and Tom Templeton
• Colorado State Representative Donald Valdez sent congratulatory letters to all Center seniors


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