Center of Focus for Sept. 17, 2020

We are starting up our fourth week of face-to-face instruction for the 20-21 schoolyear. The first three weeks have gone well and we have had great teamwork throughout. Way to pull together Vikings!
Focus on the Fabulous - It was great to have the recognition of the Governor visiting our district.

Governor Polis wore his VikingStrong mask at his news conference the following day. Center Consolidated School District is leading the charge to have face-to-face instruction, despite the obstacles and people are taking notice.

I had the opportunity to get into classrooms last week and saw some fantastic instruction. It’s great to see that our standards remain high for our students and our instruction. Teachers had objectives and DFAs posted, teachers were delivering solid direct instruction, and students were engaged in learning! It was evident that staff was living out our core belief of being committed to excellence in all we do every day! With everything going on, it’s easy to get distracted, but our purpose is to increase academic achievement for all students, and the quality instruction and evident preparation that was observed last week, shows that our staff continues to be committed to the academic success of all of our students.

A Viking shoutout to our crossing guard team that is helping to keep our kids safe walking to and from school. Along with Officer Lopez, we have volunteers at the crossing guards in front of the building, monitoring the safe crossing of students. Our current crossing guard team consists of Anita Rodriquez, Richie Barela, Chace Padilla, Marisol Baca, Jazmynn Valadez-Gonzales and Rachael Barraza.

Our Recruitment and Retention team met Thursday afternoon to start making plans for the 20-21 school year. Our goal is to continue our efforts on recruiting and retaining the best staff for our students. We reviewed the events that we hosted last year, discussed how we wanted to approach things this year with all of the social distancing protocols, and had conversations on what we can do to support our staff throughout the year. We are going to take a little different approach to our annual Open House. We will be doing a postcard outreach to families to introduce staff and share information. Parents who return the postcards with their shared information will be entered into the prize drawings.

COF Governor Polis wearing Viking Strong mask

Governor Polis wore his VikingStrong mask at his news conference during his visit to the Center Consolidated School District.


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