Cancellation of Voter Registration

Withdrawal of Registration:  At any time that registration is permitted in the county clerk and recorder’s office, any person who desires to withdraw or cancel his or her own registration may do so by filing with the county clerk and recorder a self-affirmation of withdrawal of registration, and the self-affirmation shall be used as the record of evidence to cancel the elector’s registration record.

Other reasons for cancellation of a voter’s registration are:
Deceased electors

Notification that elector has moved and registered in different county

Cancellation of electors with multiple registrations

Cancellation by reason of criminal conviction in federal court

If an elector whose registration record is marked “Inactive” fails to update his or her registration record, fails to respond to any confirmation card, and fails to vote in any election conducted by the county clerk and recorder during the time period that includes two consecutive general elections since the elector’s registration record was marked “Inactive,” the county clerk and recorder shall cancel the elector’s registration record.

If you wish to vote in the 2020 Saguache County General Election Nov. 3, please go online to to register and/or update your voter registration information.

If you have any questions please contact our office at 719-655-2512.


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