Bogle running for District 2 commissioner’s seat

CENTER — Last week G. Lyn Bogle announced his candidacy for Saguache County Commissioner for Commissioner District 2. This seat is currently held by Ken Anderson, who is leaving the office due to term limitations.

Bogle and his wife, Pam, have lived and owned property in Saguache County for 52 years. During that time, he has been mainly involved in agriculture on his own and as the farm manager for a corporate organic farm in Center.

He also has worked for Saguache County as undersheriff. “During that time I became very familiar with Saguache County in its entirety,” Bogle said. “I worked with many of the county residents and solved many problems during this tenure.”

Bogle has owned a business within the Town of Center and, after selling it, purchased two other businesses that were having financial problems. He said that while operating these businesses, he alleviated the financial problems and made them profitable, selling one and continuing to operate the other.

“I feel my experience in agriculture and business have equipped me to troubleshoot and resolve problems that exist, or will exist,” Bogle observed.

“Currently, I am president of Center Consolidated Schools’ School Board. I have served on this board for the past five years and have learned that governing boards, of any kind, are a team effort. Communication skills and insight to the needs of the entity are paramount.”

Bogle also has served on several nonprofit boards throughout the years, among them the Monte Vista Elks Lodge board of directors, Monte Vista Parks and Recreation Board and Ski Hi Stampede, Inc. board of directors.

He has been a registered Democrat for all his years in Saguache County. “I do believe in accountability and transparency in government and will work toward keeping the residents of this county informed,” he remarked.

Bogle said he doesn’t make “campaign promises” regarding things he is not fully knowledgeable about. “In the months to come I will be exploring the problems within the county and working on resolutions to those problems,” he explained. “Many residents have expressed their concerns to me as well and I will be looking into these concerns.

“I truly believe that a commissioner is an employee of the people of the county. My door will always be open to all of the residents and employees of the county, to hear their concerns or desires and take appropriate actions.”

He reiterated that “one person cannot do it all, it takes the whole board to make things happen. I look forward to working with the other two commissioners to make a better Saguache County.”

In closing, Bogle askes for the support and votes of Saguache County residents. “I believe that Saguache County has a bright future and I want to be a part of that future,” he concluded.










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