Artist opening reception Nov. 17

SAGUACHE—An opening reception for Sarah Krantz will be held at The Wapiti Coffee House, 319 San Juan Avenue, Saguache, on Friday, Nov. 17 from 6 to 8 p.m.
Sarah Krantz, a resident of Saguache, has a long history in the creative arts. She started her creative expressions in bronze and sculpture. Using her education history in art and sculpture, she explored other mediums such as gold and silver. In addition, Sarah has also worked with acrylic painting, fabric art, beads, glass, textiles, and other media. She is quite admired for her costume creations.
In recent years, Krantz became intrigued with glass work and its many forms and possibilities. Recently, she has explored works utilizing metal, glass, and organic elements from her Colorado surroundings. The displayed works share her interpretation of light, metal, glass, and nature.
Krantz’s work in metals and glass will be showcased at The Wapiti from Nov. 15-Dec. 31. For more information, go to

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